My Journey And 
            How Gems Of Gratitude Came To Be

My name is Barbara & I'm the owner of Gems of Gratitude and designer of all of the creations you will find on this website.
If you had told me back in March of 2018 that I would be selling crystals & jewelry made from gemstones I would have laughed and thought you had lost your mind. I was never a believer in crystals or the energy they possess but here we are. It started one day in May 2018 when I went to pick up some supplies for making an anklet. I noticed these bracelets near the cash register and threw a few in my basket. I wore them almost daily. Rose Quartz, Hematite and Clear Quartz. Fast forward 2 months and I start to notice that I am clear minded, calmer, genuinely nicer and I didn't let things bother me. It was a great feeling! Six weeks later I found myself in a very magical store that turned out to be life changing for me. It was a crystal store and the moment I stepped inside I felt like I had been hit by lightning. The ENERGY that was within those four walls made me feel so alive! After being there for about 90 minutes browsing, reading, learning about, touching and finally spending $120 on a couple of handfuls of stones, I went home and as I was admiring my new collection of raw and polished gemstones I wondered what I was going to actually DO with them. Little did I know but The Universe had a plan for me and I was blindly walking into it.
In July of 2018 I was a vendor in a Psychic Fair. I had never even been to a Psychic Fair nor a Crystal/Gemstone show in my life, nor had I ever thought about attending one and here I was, a vendor. What was I selling you ask? I had made necklaces from the stones I bought that day in June, put together a couple dozen bracelets made from lava stones and crystals and ankle bracelets. At the end of the day I felt amazing not only because I had sold most of what I had brought, but because I genuinely felt like my creations with these wonderfully energetic crystals were going to help their new owners. You see, each crystal holds it's own unique energy. I know this is true because I am living proof. The way I think, speak, handle myself and live my life are very, very different than they were less than a year ago.Who doesn't want a little bit of magic in their life?
The name Gems of Gratitude came to me one day after I had a hectic work day at my 9-5 job. I arrived home to fill a few orders I had gotten. As I was creating these pieces a feeling of gratitude came over me. People believed in what I was doing and I was grateful that they were supporting me and what I believed these crystals can do. I had gemstones in my hands and the name Gems of Gratitude was in my head. I continue to be grateful every day that I am able to help others bring happiness, strength, courage, the ability to speak one's truth and so many other positive feelings into their lives. Thank you for your continued support