Mala Meditation & Prayer Beads

In Sanskrit, Mala means "meditation garland". Malas can be worn as a necklace, wrapped around the wrist to create several bracelets and is also used for meditation.
A Mala consists of 108 beads, 1 Guru bead and traditionally, a tassel. The Malas I create are hand knotted with nylon thread & when I am making the knots I am reciting a mantra. It creates a calming, peaceful environment around me, letting me concentrate on what I am accomplishing. As you will see, some Malas have a tassel at the bottom and some will have a large stone that compliments the crystal used in the Mala. The Guru bead can be made with any stone. You will see the different ways I create them and as always, anything can be customized to the way you desire. Price will be determined on the crystals selected.
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