Agate geodes are natures jewelry and thet are formed inside rocks and sometimes cooling lava rock. Notice the clusters of sparkly crystals inside of them? Agate keeps you on track when you have many things to do at once. Also helpful in overcoming negative emotions by bringing love into the chakras.

Necklace is made with Turquoise, resonates with the throat chakra and known as a cheerful stone. Turquoise is fantastic for exhaustion and depression and can calm nerves when public speaking. Round Howlite stones are incorporated to keep you motivated and focused on all of your *to do* tasks!


Necklace measures 19 inches total

Pendants are not heavy

Pendant in necklace photo is a turquoise colour and is available in green or white as well


*Turquoise colour sold out*

Agate Geode Pendant Necklace