Angelite supports and comforts in strenuous situations. Sometimes when we are faced with tough decisions it can leave us feeling raw and emotional. Use Angelite to gently guide you and relieve any anger or stress generated from emotional healing. Promotes communication, truth and self expression. Enhances psychic gifts and connects you to your higher self. Try communicating with your Spirit Guides or Angels when meditating with Angelite.


Crystal Quartz, a master crystal with very high vibrations and very programmable. Useful to balance all chakras, strengthen the aura, amplify other crystals & to energize & purify energies and spaces. One of the most beneficial stones in any collection.


8mm Crystal Quartz & Angelite Stones

Dragonfly is Pave. Pave charms have micro diamonds set with drops of metal or tiny prongs

Angelite & Quartz Dragonfly Bracelet

  • Small 6 inches
    Medium 7 inches
    Large 8 inches
    X Large 9 inches