Blue Aventurine helps maintain inner peace & encourages ones inner confidence to speak individual truths, have integrityin thinking & follow inner guidance. Highly beneficial in overcoming bad habits & disolving negative traits.
A stone of courage, Aquamarine promotes tolerance and offers support during dificult situations. It helps you overcome judgemental tendencies and take responsibility for yourself. If closure is required, Aquamarine assists in letting go of mental constructs and underlying emotional states. 


8mm Blue Aventurine & Frosted Aquamarine Stones
Charm is stainless steel ``Ìf your thighs touch, then you`re one step closer to being a mermaid``

Aventurine & Aquamarine Mermaid Charm Bracelet

  • Small 6 inches
    Medium 7 inches
    Large 8 inches
    X Large 9 inches