Carnelian is a rejuvenating stone and is a powerful motivator. It can reverse mental lethargy and transmutes anger or victimhood into empowerment. Meditating with Carnelian helps you to be fully present and encourages you to trust yourself. 
Wearing Carnelian will give you the voice to say what needs to be said in a calm, appropriate way. 
A sacral stone, it's known to assist in healing issues surrounding impotence and infertility 
Combined with Obsidian, it will leave the wearer feeling grounded as Obsidian absorbs negative energy, keeping it away from you and your thoughts


Onyx is a grounding stone that can assist in removing negative thought patters generated by fear. It removes self doubt, letting you be your authentic self without the feeling of having to fit in or conform


Shown here with 8mm stones

Carnelian w/Onyx Bracelet

  • Small 6 inches

    Medium 7 inches
    Large 8 inches
    X Large 9 inches