This particular bracelet was created to bring in and attract luck and money. Black Tourmaline, Malachite & African Jade are all stones that can assist in bringing wealth your way! It was also designed to clear out negative energy caused by electromagnetic forces, energy vampires and old negative thought patterns that you may be holding onto. Read on for specific crystal properties.


Black Tourmaline, a base chakra crystal that repels and blocks negative energy and will shield the wearer from energy sapping individuals (vampires). Tourmaline cleanses and purifies negative into positive and also shields & detoxes one from electromagnetic radiation such as cell phones, tv & computers. It is also said that Tourmaline can attract and pull luck towards you.


Malachite is a powerful crystal that breaks down and clears out outworn patterns and ties, especially with energy vampires or previous partners by releasing toxic emotions & inhibitions and encouraging free expression of feelings. To attract wealth to you, leave Malachite on top of money.


African Jade is a crystal for all chakras and will particularily stimulate the heart, solar plexus, sacral and root by encouraging you to go after your dreams with enthusiasm. Can also be used to ease disharmony in relatinships by clearing away abrasive tendencies. African Jade is a stone of luck and abundance.


This bracelet features a Pave Black Panther. Pave charms have tiny diamonds set into the charm design.

8mm Tourmaline, Malachite & African Jade Stones

Round Spacers are Stainless Steel

Pave Panther Mixed Stone Bracelet

  • Small 6 inches
    Medium 7 inches
    Large 8 inches
    X Large 9 inches